Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions

Q: How do I get my CSV-file to load correctly?
Ensure you've followed all the steps on the help page: CSV Help
If you still have trouble, you can try creating or editing the file with a text editor (see below)

Q: Can I create a CSV-file without a spreadsheet program (like Excel or Numbers)?
You can create a CSV-file with any plain text editor. (e.g. Notepad or TextEdit)
Make it look something like this:

 Name,      Phone,     E-mail,               Mgmt, Drivers, Ware, Clerical     
 Abe Abram, 276120051,, 1,    0,       0,    0 
 Bede Boyd, 278373710,, 1,    1,       0,    0   
 Chris Che, 212311626,, 0,    1,       0,    1 
 Dee Damon, 21998188,, 0,    1,       0,    1  
 Eric Earl, 212442186,, 0,    0,       1,    0
Antenna And save it as say "PEOPLE.CSV" before uploading it.

Q: Does it matter if the phone numbers have no leading 0?
No, makes no difference.

Q: How do I change my people online?
Just update your CSV-file and re-upload it.

Q: Do I need to have groups?
At least one is required.

Q: How do I alert everyone?
Click the top left checkbox; selects everyone.

Q: How do I alert just one person?
Click the checkbox left of their name (and no others!)

Q: Can I alert two groups and say, a few other people?
Yes, click the groups' checkboxes and the checkboxes left of the users' names.

Q: If someone is selected in more than one way, will they get two Lerts?
No, the system will only send them one.

Q: Why are Lerts both Txt and E-mail?
It's more reliable.
E-mail can take many minutes to arrive, and txts require people to have their phones on, charged, with their account in credit.

Q: How reliable is the service?
Unless the systems go down, correctly addressed messages should always get through.

Q: How do people reply to messages?
Include a phone number in the message. Smart-phone users simply tap the number to reply. For other phone users, have a dedicated phone for replies and make it known to them.

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